Parabolic Through Collectors in Cheese Production

The company Fromagerie de Saignelégier SA is part of the Emmi-Group. With their ten employees, five of whom are cheese makers, they produce 40 % of the worldwide production of Tête de Moine – a cheese speciality made of fresh-milk that is traditionally produced since 800 years. Certified cheese dairies produce only 2,150 t of this cheese in total each year. The production site of Fromagerie de Saignelégier is seated in the Swiss canton of Jura at an altitude of 1,000 m.


Flat-Plate Collectors at Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & CO KG

Fleischwaren Berger is an Austrian family business with a history going back to the year 1890 when Michael Berger opened his first butcher’s shop. Today the business is managed in fourth generation by Rudolf Berger with its domicile still being in Sieghartskirchen. Currently Fleischwaren Berger has 500 employees and a sales volume of 125 million € (2012).

[…] © Fleischwaren Berger GesmbH & CO KG, ca. 1.00 m² Flachkollektoren bei Fleischwaren Berger (AT)

Flat-Plate Collectors, Adsorption and Wood Chips in Fruit Processing

Kögerlhof Krispel is a family business founded in 1903 settled in Markt Hartmannsdorf Austria and is being managed in third generation by the family Krispel. The energy used, mainly for the production of fruit-juices and musts but also for cooling of fresh fruit, is produced sustainably with flat-plate collectors and wood chip boilers. The fruits predominantly come from the company’s own fruit crops with more than 50,000 trees. Due to the growing and processing of the fruit the production’s heat demand is very seasonal. The small family business has a yearly sales volume of ca. 700,000 €.


Flat-Plate Collectors and Heat Buffer Tanks in Brewing Processes

The Hütt-Brauerei Bettenhäuser GmbH & Co KG is a mid-sized private brewery in the Kassel region. The brewery is family-owned in 9th generation and has been brewing beer since 1752. The production site is the so-called Knallhütte in Baunatal. Currently Hütt employs about 45 people who brew around 60,000 hl of beer each year. Additionally, little less than 10,000 hl of non-alcoholic beverages are produced yearly. That makes for a total sales volume of roughly 8 million € per year. Part of their heat-demand od the brewing process is delivered by flat-plate collectors combined with a heat storage.


Solar Process Heat Plant for Vehicle Cleaning

In 2004 the Spanish company Contank opened their new site Parking Service Castellbisbal S.A. in the town of the same name. The company is specialised in activities of the transport and logistic sector. Besides repair and paintwork, they also clean the exteriors and interiors of transport vehicles. Due to the high radiation rate of 1,471 kWh/ m2 a year, a solar process heat plant on the rooftop has been considered already from the start of the construction works. Furthermore, the integration of solar heat has been considered at the design of the cleaning processes, which ultimately made the installation a lot easier. The company Aiguasol Enginyeria conducted the planning, design, and optimisation of the solar plant’s operating method.