Solar Plant Sizing and Layout

This tool enables the quick energetic prediction of solar plants for the generation of process heat. After entering the key process parameters, the collector area and storage volume are automatically calculated, dimensioned to cover the summer process heat demand. In addition, the annual utilization rate (annual efficiency) and specific yield of the solar system are calculated.

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The calculated collector area represents the reasonable upper limit for collector area and storage volume. Increasing the collector area past this point will usually lead to overproduction in summer, decreasing economic feasibility.

A smaller collector area results in an “undersized” system, which may have a positive effect on the specific yield of the solar system, depending on the temperature levels.

The methodology for the preliminary design and all relevant parameters are described in detail in the SolFood guideline for the planning of solar process heat.

The data entered by the user in this form are only for the purpose of calculating the size of solar process heat plants and will not be stored, transmitted or otherwise used.